Tips for watching whales and dolphins

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Tips for watching whales and dolphins

The moment when whales or dolphins appear from the depths of the sea is unforgettable. And experience between humans and marine animals in the wild may also bear a promising element for the animals. Dolphin watching can replace visits to dolphinaria and in whaling countries, it is a strong economic argument against killing these animals.

However, incautious behaviour is also a danger in this field. Time and again whales and dolphins are disturbed or even hurt by boats. Our request: Please comply with the rules below, if you are navigating a boat. If you go on a trip with a dolphin watching operator, please watch their behavior around the animals.

Code of conduct for driving with dolphins

Dolphin watching requires patience, watchful eyes, and a respectful approach. Take your time and enjoy the moments of waiting. If you are lucky and the animals surface nearby, please observe the rules below, alongside Oman local regulations:

  • Leave it to the animals to shape the experience. Don’t try to provoke Dolphins.
  • Avoid approaching whales and dolphins head-on or directly from behind. Adjust your speed to that of Dolphins.
  • Keep a distance of at least 100 metres to the Dolphins. In a 100 to 300 metre radius around the animals, there should only be one boat, which should leave the zone after a maximum of 15 minutes.
  • Increase the distance if calves are present or when the Dolphins get restless.
  • If whales or dolphins approach the boat closer than 100 metres, unfasten the engine. Make sure that all Dolphins are at least 100 metres from the boat, before re-engaging the engine and leaving slowly.
  • Keep the direction of movement of the whales and dolphins in mind and do not cross their path. Under no circumstances should the animals be chased.
  • Avoid sudden changes in speed or direction, if marine animals are near. Constant movement is very important when dolphins surf in the bow wave.
  • Don’t feed whales and dolphins.

Swimming with dolphins?

Many people would like to have close contact with dolphins. But swimming with dolphins is hard because it usually happens in areas where the dolphins wish to rest, find food, mate or raise their young. People swimming can disturb the dolphins. Accordingly, swimming with dolphins has been banned or seriously restricted in many areas.

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