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Oman has some 3,000 kilometers of coastline, most of which are perfect, stunning, and sheltered beaches that face the Indian Ocean with soaring sand dunes or rugged rocks, growing coral reefs, and unique wildlife. Muscat’s beaches and crystal-clear waters have long been a draw. Residents and tourists alike come to swim, snorkel, play fishing, or nap in the sun.

Omanis are traditionally seafaring people. The coast and sea is ingrained in their identity
You don’t have to travel far from the muscat to find deserted beaches – magical by day and by night lit by an uncertain light. At low tide on Tiwi, you can paddle out to the coral and snorkel above grouper, rays, sea snakes, and batfish. A vast coast road leads to Bandar khairan, notable for its lagoon setting, incredible stillness, and intensely blue waters.

Those who like adventure will want to take a day trip by dhow, Oman’s traditional answer to the taxi or truck, depending on its size. On the water, you see the coastline from a different scene as a paradise for wildlife, a raising ground for dolphins, and a stopping-off point for migrating whales. Oman’s nutrient-rich waters offer some of the world’s most rewarding scuba diving. Some dhows offer live-aboard diving cruises so you can enjoy close-up encounters with a shining multi-colored variety of tropical fish on tap.
Oman is undoubtfully green turtle heaven with five of the world’s seven species arriving each year to crawl up the beaches, dig holes in the sand and lay their eggs. There are few more touching events to witness in the natural world than the hatchlings’ make-or-break dash for the safety of the ocean between September and November for Oman tourism.

The first stop among scavengers who venture beyond Muscat is the Musandam Peninsula in the north, which juts into the Strait of Hormuz like a rhino horn. The topography consists of the soaring saw-toothed, blackish-yellow ridge that tumbles sharply down onto white sandy beaches. Musandam has become fashionable thanks to its attractive quiet shores, low-key vibe, and warm, dolphin-rich seas.

The bay of Khasab, the peninsula’s port, offers the best dolphin opportunities, three hours and two border crossings away by car, along a thrilling coastal road that outlines the jumping mountains.
Coastal resorts offer an amazing range of water sport activities for all ages and abilities from classic snorkeling, diving, fishing, sailing, parasailing, kayaking and paddleboarding to higher-octane options such as jet skiing, water skiing, and wakeboarding.
If you haven’t tried dolphin watching, Oman is the place to learn this thrilling combination of dolphin watching, game fishing, and snorkeling.

Beautiful Oman
Oman is an exciting and welcoming year-round destination of rich history and various landscapes. It’s a land of high desert dunes, palm-lined beaches and lush verdant mountains, where ancient character meets modern comfort.

Whether you’re seeking adventure,sea tours chasing staggering scenery or in need of a culture fix, Oman is sure to exceed expectations.

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