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Most secure Arab country for female travelers-Oman

The sultanate has won the top best tourist destination in the Arab world for women for the security and safety. It has won the second place in the world wide list.The Expat Insider, the international survey has release this list recently.Oman has also won second place for secure and safe place for expats in the Arab world and 10th place in the world wide.

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Advices for Solo Female Travellers in Oman

Oman is considered to be the safest country for female travelers. You will never experience the harassment from the locals, you’ll also enjoy the fact that you’ll be one of the few solo visitor visiting this welcoming country.Below are the few tips

Dress Modestly.

Oman being Islamic country, you’re expected to coverup your body from neck to your wrist to your ankles. In summer temperature may not drop below 45 degree Celsius, hence it is adviced to wear a loose cotton dress in order to stay cool. Plan your city roaming using taxis to avoid the walking in the street.

Public Transport are difficult to find.

Public transport is difficult to find. You’re expected to use the alternative options like rent a car or use the taxis. Note that the main attractions are not in the cities. So plan your travel on hiring the car or rent a car, if you’re comfortable driving overseas

Choose private tours

camping in the desert, visiting the historic forts, hanging out with giant sea turtles, exploring enormous canyons, or going SCUBA diving in the brilliant turquoise waters are some of the main attractions in Oman. These sites are mostly visited in groups. It’ll also help to you to get a chance to meet other people.



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